Clash of Love and Realm (Signed Edition!)


With Excalibur at hand, the newly engaged royal couple ascends the throne of Camelot. An uneasy peace settles over the art deco skytowers of the bustling Avalonian metropolis, but not all assent to their rule. A faction of Lords from the northern frontier threaten to break away. The chaos leaves Arthur, Guinevere, and the knights scrambling to rebuild support and consolidate power.

Within the castle walls, challenges press in from all sides. Arthur, the once proud bounty hunter, mourns the death of his disgraced mentor and staggers under the weight of kingship. Guinevere fights for the betterment of her city but finds her efforts undercut and dismissed. The playful Gawain struggles to find a sense of purpose, setting off in his airship Gringolet on a quest of self-discovery. Merlin rekindles her passion for the realm’s resident dinosaurs but uncovers an ominous prophesy.

And then the Green Knight appears.

Just who is this mysterious figure? Will Arthur and Guinevere unite the kingdom, or will the weight of the throne drive them apart? Will Gawain succeed in his quest, or will Merlin's vision seal a gruesome fate? Find out more in Clash of Love and Realm, the second installment of the One Sword Saga and sequel to Rise of Knight and Sword. Rejoin this ensemble cast as they face new conflicts, irresistible temptations, troubled relationships, and sensational adventures.