Miriam Wade is a Minnesotan transplant to Kansas City. Her debut novel "Rise of Knight and Sword" retells Arthurian legend in a steampunk fantasy world filled with dinosaurs and airships at the height of the roaring twenties.

Writing in the Wade household is often a chaotic process. Cats Freya and Modi like to make mischief. They like to jump on the keyboard and headbutt her laptop. Miriam's first daughter, nicknamed Frosty, babbles in her bouncer and watches the cats intently. Despite all of the loving distractions, she makes steady progress on Book 2 of the One Sword Saga and a myriad of other writing projects.

When Miriam isn't writing, you can often find her sipping a cup of local coffee, riding around town on her scooter Neptune, or baking endless creations for her food challenged husband, Ryan.